Guitar Class

Sherwood has a very successful Guitar program run by Mr. J. Malcew and Ms. Dalgleish.  Each year the guitar department puts on two coffee-house performances: an Acoustic Coffee House in Semester 1, and an Electric Coffee House in Semester 2.  Auditions are open to all students at Sherwood.
Sherwood offers two guitar classes for credit:
AMG2O - Grade 10 Guitar Class
Guitar class is a fun learning environment to learn new skills and improve existing playing abilities. The class is open to all, even those who have never played before, and we also supply the acoustic guitars. This course emphasizes learning to read music, playing all major and minor chords, learning the major scales as well as blues scales and progressions and a variety of songs. The culminating task is a live ensemble performance at music night, where we traditionally include vocals, drums, bass and electric guitars in the closing number, and we rock it!  Guitar class is only available for students in grades 10-12.
AMG3O - Grade 11 - Experience Guitar Class
Pre-requisit: AMG2O
AMG3o is designed for students who have completed AMG2O and wish to build upon their guitar skills.  Study of Major scales and relative minors, modes of scales, circle of fifths study, key signatures, classical scales, and finger picking are a focus in this course. The culminating task is to plan, market and produce the annual acoustic coffeehouse jam night – as well as perform at it! Music night is also a highlight of the semester.