Vocal Music

This class offered to Grades 10-12 students interested in singing.   Last years highlights included Sherwood Idol, HWDSB Choirfest, Music Night and much more.
AMV2O - Grade 10 Vocal Music
Vocal Music is open to any student in Grade 10-12 interested in singing.  Sight-singing, Ear-Training and Vocal Training are all aspects included in this class.  Students range from beginner up to fully trained vocal students who wish to take vocal music for credit.  Vocal students will perform at Sherwood Idol as well as the Spring Music Night on June 1st. 
AMV3M - Grade 11 - Vocal Music
Pre-requisit: AMV2O
AMV2M is designed for students who have completed AMG2O and wish to build upon their vocal skills.  This is a more advanced vocal class with an emphasis on more difficult repertoire, advanced choral technique and signing ability.
AMV4M - Grade 12 - Vocal Music
Pre-requisit: AMV3M
AMV4M is designed for students who have completed AMV3M and wish to continue on with Grade 12 University Vocal Music.  This class is the most advanced vocal class offered with a strong emphasis on advanced repertoire, technique and singing ablility.
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